A Little Bit About My Life and Music 

A Little Bit About My Life and Music   I was born in Brownsville, Brooklyn, New York. At 5 years old, my family moved to the 'suburbs' LOL ... Queens, New York, where I grew up and lived till 20.     We were SERIOUSLY dirt poor! My father was essentially unemployable. He was smart ... and an artist. To make money, he wound up doing the lettering and an occasional graphic on Superman comic books.  He shoulda stuck with it ... but he was able to make more money selling Encyclopedias and Cemetery plots… Read more

Follow Your Star 

Dear Friends and Fans (especially the young ones),


In the USA, at least, it has become a cliché for several decades that one should 'follow one's star' and do what one loves in life - not what one's parents, peers or society expect of you. It is a lot easier said than done! ... and very few people actually do it. The courage required to be oneself and follow one's star is enormous - more than most people have - including me!


I am now a grandfather with 5 children plus grand-children! When I was much…

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Dear Friends And Fans 

Dear Friends and Fans,

To state the obvious, many people these days do not appear to love their fellow Man. Well ... I do! ... and I am sooooo pained by the state of insanity we are seeing these days.
When I finished University (Queens College, CUNY - that's all I could afford ... $0.00 per year back then), I put on a back pack and found myself living with newly-made friends in Central Paris. The 'hang-out' spot was the Latin Quarter ... as it is today ... just like Greenwich Village was in NYC.


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