Follow Your Star

Dear Friends and Fans (especially the young ones),


In the USA, at least, it has become a cliché for several decades that one should 'follow one's star' and do what one loves in life - not what one's parents, peers or society expect of you. It is a lot easier said than done! ... and very few people actually do it. The courage required to be oneself and follow one's star is enormous - more than most people have - including me!


I am now a grandfather with 5 children plus grand-children! When I was much younger, my full time career was as a rock player in a band. It was a tough life and eventually I migrated towards software development. I spent 40 years working in IT for large international corporations ... and then I finally got the courage to 'be myself' LOL.


My years in corporate America were certainly not wasted. I had a lot of fun, I had plenty of opportunity to be creative in technology and, of course, I made good money.


But, if I had it all to do again, I would have 'followed my star' as a young man and been a musician from the start. That was clearly my destiny ... but I didn't see it clearly at the time. One of my teenage friends, Paul from KISS, did follow his star . and the rest is history.


If your passion is selling socks or stocks or finding a cure for Ebola - go for it! Don't think a lot about it! Just do it! The Universe will reward you ... although it may be hard to see how in the moment.


Paz y Amor, Love and Peace, Eric


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